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Brakes Repair & Services

Do you need the best brakes repair service for your luxury car? Your brake system is extremely crucial to stop and drive safely. Of course, a luxury car that won’t start easily is an inconvenience, but a car that cannot stop is extremely dangerous.

Hence, the brake system is one of your luxury cars’ most vital safety features, which needs regular repair and maintenance. If there is a small default in the system, it can lead to catastrophic situations. So, to aid you, Rafi Autotech is here to provide you with exclusive brake repair services, brakes Culver City.

However, under certain situations, it becomes difficult for a common person to know if your brake system needs maintenance and repair or not. Have a look at these points and decide thereon.

Signs That Your Brake System Needs Repairs

● Grinding when you stop.
● Unusual noise and odor.
● Leakage from the car.
● Illumination of brake lights while driving.
● Brake pedals feel softer than regular.
● The steering wheel shakes while braking.
● Car vibrates or wobbles when driving on the highway at normal speed.

Your luxury car’s brake system is the most essential safety item that your luxury car can offer. So, if you are experiencing any of the above signs, please stop in and call us right away. Our team will schedule you as soon as possible and will provide you our comprehensive and unmatchable services at affordable rates.

Our Brake Repair And Service Includes

Rafi Autotech believes in providing comprehensive brake repairs and services. So, if you park your vehicle with us for brake repair and maintenance, we will check the following:

● Rotors
● Brake hardware
● Brake hoses
● Hydraulic or Brake Fluid
● Brake pads
● Calibers

Let our experienced technical team assist you with the most needed brake services. To know more about our services, deals, prices, etc., feel free to reach us. You can leave a text or call us directly